95% of the currently undeveloped land will remain as green space.   

Our proposal ensures 166 acres will be preserved as open space forever.


The land needs to be cleaned up and managed. 

The Town Center at Marple Preserve will clean up the landfill and trash on site.  The plan also creates a public park with better environmental stewardship of the land than if it were left unmanaged.

| Current Property

| April 2018

The Township Comprehensive Plan calls for active recreation that does not exist. 

Our plan will preserve 166 acres of green space that will be accessible to the community for passive and active recreation.  Walking/biking trails for the enjoyment of the community are permanent fixtures of the plan. In addition, playing fields for Marple youth will be part of the development, eliminating the need to use school district fields that suffer from over use and are expensive to maintain. 


Developing a little will save a lot. 

Redeveloping a portion of the front is necessary to fund the permanent conservation of the vast majority of the site. We are removing the current structures - dilapidated, blighted buildings - and building on an additional 9 acres, keeping 95% of the current undeveloped land acres as green space.