What’s Been Said

The Actual Facts

Carlino’s plan would generate 30,000 to 35,000 daily trips.   

There will be 20,750 trips per weekday.  Save Marple Greenspace overstated the trip generation by 50% to 70%. 

The proposal is a third of the size of the King of Prussia mall.

The King of Prussia mall is 2.9 million square feet of retail and one of the largest malls in the country. The Town Center at Marple Preserve has only 260,000 square feet of retail, plus a state if the art medical center, senior housing and self-storage, all of which generate less traffic than retail.

No, really, this will be like the King of Prussia, a regional mall!

No, it will not.  The King of Prussia Mall is a regional mall with regional uses.  This is a community Town Center, a community hub where local residents can eat, shop and play.  The square footage of our plan is not even close to the King of Prussia Mall (see above).  Neither is the traffic.  If you want to speak to our nationally recognized traffic engineer, please let us know.

Property values will go down.

Property values near 166 acres of open space and desirable amenities such as high-quality shopping, dining and retail will go up. 

Delaware County officials have not been involved in the process or TIF discussions.

Delaware County public officials voted to apply for a $2 million grant to support the project.  Please see comments in the Philadelphia Inquirer on May 11, 2018 that also confirm our discussions with Delco.    

The site requires above ground stormwater and this requires more land.

The site will include state-of-the art underground stormwater and 1 above ground basin that is depicted in our plan already. 

There are over 40 retail uses on site.

There are 28 tenants, of which 25 could be considered retail.

There are numerous ways to permanently preserve this as green space.

Only 1 concrete plan to save the open space has been presented. It is the Town Center at Marple Preserve, which saves 95% of the undeveloped land–with $0 in tax increases. We proposed Save Marple Greenspace and other conservation groups purchase the ground. No entity had the desire or capability to join with us to preserve the land.

Comments about Wegmans selling kosher food were made at a meeting at a local synagogue.

No such comment was made, as stated by an attendee.

The number of developed acres has changed significantly.

Save Marple Green Space endorsed our very preliminary plan in December.  That plan's retail and medical components have not changed. What has changed is the addition of playing fields and public parking to access these amenities, some senior housing and self storage. The current plan includes 6 additional acres, 2 of which are being used to provide public parking to access the open space. The attached plan confirms the acreage of the plan enthusiastically supported by Save Marple Greenspace.

The development will have negative environmental impacts.

There is currently a 4-acre dump site on property, which will be reclaimed by our work. There is pollution and litter from trespassers who have abused the land. This development will clean up the site and make 166 acres clean, safe and accessible for all. Our plan will provide long-term management and stewardship of the property and the creeks on site.