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“If the preservation plan we are proposing is implemented, then the 166 acres - including fields for active and passive recreation – will absolutely and irrevocably be preserved forever."  -Peter Carlino, May 21, 2018

For decades, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia maintained these 213-acres largely as undeveloped land, using 38 acres for Don Guanella Village. 

Our plan to redevelop the Don Guanella site will preserve 95% of the existing undeveloped land.

That’s 166 acres preserved as green space – managed forever…

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Our plan develops only an additional 9 acres, which is necessary to fund the permanent preservation of the rest of the property for passive and active recreation, without raising residents’ taxes.  

While the current zoning permits a number of land use options including institutional and residential uses, our sincere hope is to build The Town Center at Marple Preserve and create a powerful source of good for the community. 


We look forward to your support. 

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